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Liars, Hypocrites, and Illegal Activity

Coventry Group management lies. Then Coventry appoints liars to your HOA board, who repeat the lies and/or take advantage of their status as unelected board members.


Who The Lie The Truth
Coventry Group Quorums and Elections: Coventry states that we cannot have elections because quorum is not met. This is not what the documents state, and this is confirmed by attorneys. "There does not appear to be any requirement within the Bylaws that a quorum of HOA members be present at any meeting wherein a vote on new directors is to be held."
Coventry Group "Speed bumps were the top requested issue in the neighborhood." In a request from attorneys, Coventry was unable to provide any documented evidence that speed bumps had ever been requested by any resident, much less by a large number of residents. In fact, all polling on the matter shows that the speed bumps are hugely unpopular, and only one or two residents actually likes them. There has been ZERO EVIDENCE that anyone actually requested them.
Johnny Millard, former HOA President (unelected) It will take 100 signatures to remove the speed bumps. This number was simply made up. What will it take to remove the speed bumps? Three members on the board who will remove Coventry and get it done.
Johnny Millard The board received 60 messages from residents who are glad to see speed bumps. The number was zero.
Johnny Millard Housing prices in the neighborhood increased because of activity of Johnny and/or the HOA Board. Prices increased in the area and nationwide, clearly our HOA had nothing to do with it. These unelected losers think highly of themselves.
Johnny Millard The board will look into allowing virtual attendance at HOA Meetings. They have never looked into this. It is the policy of Coventry Group and the board to keep as many people away from meeitngs as possible. When a member came to a meeting and spoke on behalf of all the people who opposed the board, Coventry said that one member cannot speak for other members. It's a great way to keep the minority in power.


Who Behavior
Johnny Millard, former HOA President (unelected) While president, parked a vehicle in his lawn repeatedly, in direct violation of HOA documents
Steve Russo, current HOA President (unelected) As current president, repeatedly violates lawn maintenance rules

Illegal Activity

Who Behavior
Coventry Group Removed a board member in violation of the documents. No reason was ever given. No notice was ever given. The documents state that this is the only time a quorum must be present; a quorum has never been met.
Coventry Group Denies certain resident(s) the ability to attend meetings.
Coventry Group and the HOA Board Refused to provide documents to a resident concerning costs and contracts for the speed bumps. These were only presented after attorneys were involved.
Coventry Group and the HOA Board Installation of the speed bumps. Since the board was not elected, all actions taken by the board are illegal in the first place, but even if we had a legitimate board, there is no documentation that a vote on speed bumps took place. There is also no documentation that they were requested (see above). Further, it seems that the board decided to install them about eight months prior to installation, and yet no notification was given to the residents until one week before installation.

Why the silence? Johnny Millard posts on social media groups about community developments all the time, but the biggest expense in the neighborhood doesn't get mentioned once? Not suspicious at all. Johnny will not respond to this direct assertion. In addition, an anonymous phone call to a resident stated that Coventry gets kickbacks for every speed bump installation... that adds to the suspicion. There is nothing legitimate about the speed bumps.